3 1/2 Qt Fountain Jar, Lever Pump | Stainless Steel

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Fast Facts

An extension of the Thick Pump family, the TPV-L stainless steel pump with the addition of a lever reduces the force needed to dispense from your standard 3 1/2 quart (3.3 L) fountain jar. Set-up to serve a 1/2 oz (15 mL) portion with a maximum of 1 oz (60 mL) and can be reduced in 1/8 oz (3.7 mL) increments. Contents can be quickly identified by specifying a colored and engraved pump knob upon order, at no additional charge; black is standard.

Ideal For
  • Dispensing thick caramel, chocolate fudge or marshmallow crème topping
  • Reducing the force required to dispense a topping or ingredient speeds prep time
  • Providing menu item consistency with precise portions
  • Countertop use in a serving station, wherever FP-V fountain jar pumps fit
  • Back Of House kitchen make stations

Notes: Included lid lock (80976) needs to be in place to secure pump lid to a Server Products fountain jar (82557, 83149 or 83156) while dispensing; jar sold separately. Natural operation of lever will cause some surface wear on the pump knob.

When using in Server non-insulated stations (SR-1, SR-2 or SR-4), a support brace (p/n 100001) is required to prevent jar from tipping during use.

How does a lever help with thick products?

Suppose you're dispensing chocolate fudge topping... the chart and figures below indicate the effort an operator needs to exert for one serving.

Lever Pump Effort Reduction Chart

What about Nutella®?
  • We wish! One of the essential elements to dispensing is the food needs to find its own level. That means if you remove a scoop, it will fill in fairly quickly. If it doesn't, the pump may serve once or twice and then stop - the product near the intake has been dispensed and an air gap (hole) is created. While a lever can reduce the force necessary to dispense, the product also needs to finds its own level to be compatible.  
Can a lever pump dispense larger particulates?
  • Unfortunately, no. Larger food pieces would get lodged in the valve body, which is a common part for all three pump styles referenced above. The size of soft food particulates that can likely be dispensed remains at less than 1/4" in diameter.
Height Above Container 9 15/16" | 25.2 cm
Width 4 1/2" | 11.4 cm
Depth 7 1/8" | 18.1 cm
Weight 4 lb | 1.8 kg
Works With 3 1/2 qt (3.3 L) deep fountain jars
Dispense Type Lever, Portioned
Full Portion 1 oz | 30 mL
Portion adjustable in 1/8 oz (3.7 mL) increments; up to 1 oz (30 mL)
NSF Listed Y
BPA Free Y

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