CAC147 - Clutch Repair Kit for TORQ 2.0 Series

Sale price$627.06 CAD


If your TBB series blender is struggling to blend, puree, grind, chop, or emulsify like it used to, this Waring CAC147 clutch repair kit may be just the thing you need! This repair kit includes everything you need to replace the clutch on your blender if it breaks or wears down. If you notice that your appliance isn't operating at peak performance, purchase this repair kit to get it back to normal in no time!
Compatible with: TBB175, TBB145, TBB160, TBB175, TBB160P6, TBB175S4, TBB175S6, TBB175P6, TBB145S4, TBB145S6, TBB145P6, TBB160S4, TBB160S6, TBB145S6


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