Direct-Pour Large Capacity Touchless Dispenser | USA

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Break free from packaging limitations with a Server Touchless Express® Large Capacity Direct-Pour Dispenser. This high-volume, direct-pour model uses motion-activation technology for touchless dispensing of YOUR house-made condiment or sauce held in the 3.0-gallon food-safe jar within.

  • Improves guest safety at a stadium, campus, business or institution with touch-free dispensing
  • Serves thin to thick and thicker craft sauces with small particulates
  • 5-piece, dishwasher-safe pump disassembles easily
  • Stainless steel construction cleans easier and lasts longer

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  • PerfectSense™ technology detects a user’s hand to dispense up to 1-oz; removing the hand stops serving
  • A precise sensor field prevents dispensing during surface sanitizing and pass-by activity
  • Ready to serve — just plug into a standard outlet
  • Includes 8-piece label set to identify condiment flavors: Ketchup, Hot Sauce, Barbeque Sauce, Mustard, Relish, Ranch Dressing, Mayonnaise, and House Sauce
  • Electrical specifications: 24V DC dispenser with 100V–240V adapter power cord and NEMA 5-15 plug; 2 Amp (max). Export models include AUST, EURO or UK-Schuko plug options.
  • Dimensions | 20 15/16" x 6 1/2" x 13 9/16"
  • Weight | 18 lbs

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