Drop-In, Cold Condiment Bar | (2) Pumps & Fountain Jars

Sale price$1,450.76 CAD


This insulated drop-in bar combo features stainless steel pumps that can dispense thick products with particulates, which typically require chilling. This model includes two stainless steel pumps and deep plastic fountain jars. The brushed finish base reduces the visibility of fingerprints and may be cooled with two Universal Ice Packs, HoldCold Jars or ice. Ice packs and HoldCold jars are sold separately.

The stainless steel pumps dispense a 1¼ oz (37 mL) serving per stroke with the option to reduce the portion size in 1/8 oz (3.7 mL) increments, using the supplied gauging collars. When you place your order, be sure to request colored knobs engraved with your contents for a clean presentation. Black knobs are standard.

Key Benefits Include:
  • Brushed finish base reduces the visibility of fingerprints
  • Base with flange designed to drop into countertop
  • Insulation eliminates condensation on outside, when chilling
  • (2) Stainless steel pumps with captured valve balls to prevent loss
  • 1¼ oz (37 mL) maximum portion, now adjustable in 1/8 oz (3.7 mL) increments for Portion Optimization
  • (2) Deep, white plastic fountain jars
  • Colored, engraved knobs that identify contents are available upon request
GTIN 687329007783
Dimensional Weight 28 lb | 12.7 kg
International Dim Wt 34 lb | 15.4 kg

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