PFC570 Ventless/Hoodless/Odorless Countertop Deep Fryer by Perfect Fry Company

Electrical Power: PFC570 - 240V - 5.7kW - 24A - Single Phase 50/60Hz - NEMA 6-50P
Sale price$21,288.40 CAD


PFC570 Ventless/Hoodless/Odorless Countertop Deep Fryer

Since 1986, Perfect Fry is the leading supplier to the foodservice industry for countertop deep frying solutions. The easy to use multifunctional units are ventless and odorless fryers that can bring high quality food out from under the hood space in kitchens. Perfect Fry currently helps industries like convenience stores, bars and nightclubs, movie theaters, bowling alleys, concession stands, and more bring a better variety of superior dining options without installing overhead ventilation.

The PFC Series Models, are semi-automatic models, featuring a computerized frying system with the smallest ventless frying footprint in the world! Auto basket/lower lift, digital controls, manual load/unload, Oil capacity is 2 US Gallons (8L). The PFC Series comes with features such as CTS (cook time sensitivity). Melt cycle for solid shortening. Reminder Time to remind user that product has finished cooking. And a drain/clean mode to gently warm oil for disposal. 


  • Vents or hoods are not required which means huge savings as a conventional hood and vent system can cost between $5000-$20,000.
  • Hood and vent systems require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. The cost to run this system for a year will offset the initial cost. 

Low Odor

  • All Perfect Fry models use patented HEPA-style air filtration technology. 
  • The air is drawn up through the front grill over the oil vat and into the grease filter, removing the larger grease particulate.
  • The remaining grease-laden air travels through the HEPA style replaceable air filter cartridge removing the remaining particulate. 
  • The activated carbon eliminates any odors. 
  • During EPA 202 air emissions testing, results showed the filter allowed only 2.452 mg/m3 of effluent into the air. That's well below the 5mg/m3 limit. 

Safety Features

  • Integral fire suppression with automatic and manual actuation.
  • Safety interlocks prevent the fryer from being operated improperly. 
  • Tested and listed using the latest standards. 

Sales Features: 

  • Completely enclosed energy efficient ventless fryer
  • Integrated 3-Stage Odorless - Ventless hood
  • Oil Capacity - 2 US Gallons (8L)
  • Auto basket lift for guaranteed product quality
  • Programmable shake timer
  • Preset menu timers for ease of use
  • Self venting/Odorless
  • HEPA style air filtration
  • Integral fire suppression
  • Programmable controls
  • Easy to clean
  • Small footprint with large output
  • Modular design
  • Exterior Dimensions - H: 23", W: 17", D: 16"

Note: The 6DA101, optional locking latch can be installed on any model (PFC/PFA). If you order this locking latch, one latch will be installed on the upper latch.

These models are primarily designed to meet the north American regulatory requirements. The North American requirements include the fire suppression system. It is the responsibility of the local agent, distributor, dealer and customer to ensure the equipment meets the local regulatory and insurance requirements.

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