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Fast Facts

The FPEC-200V stainless steel pump serves precise portions of toppings from popular 48-oz, 16-mm fitment pouches in your heated cabinet, station, or well for fountain jars. Portions adjust in 1/8-oz increments, with a 1-oz max serving per stroke. Ensure users can quickly identify contents by specifying a colored and engraved pump knob upon order, at no additional charge; black is standard.

Ideal For
  • Toppings that become thin when heated, like Fudge and Caramel or private-label sauce
  • Serving of toppings in a 48-oz pouch with 16-mm centered fitment
  • Managing food costs, and if needed, matching posted nutritional information
  • Providing menu item consistency with precise portions of syrups and sauces
  • Countertop use in heated topping stations
  • Saving labor and reducing cleaning time – toppings are contained within the pouch and pump

Dispensing from a sealed pouch system allows you to serve a quality product from the first serving to the last. Pouched topping systems provide excellent evacuation, which increases the number of servings per bag. Dessert consistency is promoted with the portion control, stainless steel pump. And an operational perk is the outside of the pump remains clean - also reducing product waste and making cleanup much easier.

Key Benefits Include
  • Pouch evacuation virtually eliminates product waste
  • Outside of pump remains clean using bagged product
  • 1-oz portion is adjustable in 1/8-oz increments
  • Works in fountain jar stations, no need for a complete heated system
Special Note

Contact your food distributor for 48-ounce topping pouches with a 16-mm center fitment; currently packaged by:

  • Ghirardelli Chocolate Company
  • The Hershey Company
  • Lyons Magnus
  • Masterson Company

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