Serving Bar Base, (3) Jars

Sale price$574.13 CAD


This 3-jar Serving Bar base is constructed of a stainless steel exterior, with a one-piece seamless plastic interior and is insulated with foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation. Food can be cooled with ice, three Universal Ice Packs 100515 or for maximum efficiency, with gel-filled HoldCold fountain jars. This base is designed for countertop use.

The versatility of a Serving Bar base is key to its usefulness. Whether you fill it with three standard fountain jars or one standard and three slim jars, the option to swap pump styles and lids with ladles allows you to adapt the serving equipment for ingredients in new menu items.

Create a Custom Serving Bar by choosing to add jars and pumps or lids and ladles.

GTIN 687329014934
Dimensional Weight 21 lb | 9.5 kg
International Dim Wt 25 lb | 11.3 kg

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