Single EZ-Topper | Dual Pouch Warmer

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Fast Facts

EZ-Topper warmer serves warm Fudge or Caramel from a 48-oz pouch with virtually no mess, product breakdown or waste and up to 98% evacuation. Dispense from the active pouch while warming a second in reserve.

Ideal For
  • Self-serve dessert stations; tamper-resistant packaging brings peace of mind
  • Higher-volume operations looking to minimize downtime during changeouts
  • Lower-volume or sporadic-use operations serving topping over extended periods of time

Warming and dispensing from a sealed pouch system allows you to serve a quality product from the first serving to the last. Pouched topping systems provide excellent evacuation, which increases the number of servings per bag. And an operational perk is the outside of the pump remains clean - also reducing product waste and making cleanup much easier.

This single EZ-Topper™ warmer uses dry heat (non water bath) and allows you to dispense from one heated topping pouch while warming a second in reserve, eliminating downtime when switching out the empty topping pouch and waiting for it to warm up. A pouch support is included for occasions when you don't want to pre-heat a second topping pouch.

Dessert consistency is promoted with the portion control. stainless steel pump. It dispenses a 1-ounce serving per stroke and is adjustable in 1/8-ounce increments.

Key Benefits Include
  • Up to 98% evacuation virtually eliminates product waste
  • Closed system dispenses from one pouch while warming a second to serving temperature
  • Outside of pump remains clean using bagged product
  • 1 oz-portion is adjustable in 1/8-oz increments
  • Radiant heat from the vessel warms the heater block to keep topping warm during slow periods
Special Note

Contact your food distributor for special 48 ounce topping pouches with a 16mm center fitment; currently packaged by:

  • Ghirardelli Chocolate Company
  • The Hershey Company
  • Lyons Magnus
  • Masterson Company
Manual Note

Manuals are dependent on Series (production date); indicated on bottom of unit.

  • Series 12B and earlier  01744-A
  • Series 15H and later     01744-B
GTIN 687329033331
Height 17 3/8" | 44.1 cm
Width 6" | 15.2 cm
Depth 9 5/8" | 24.4 cm
Weight 14 lb
Dimensional Weight 16 lb | 7.3 kg
International Dim Wt 19 lb | 8.6 kg
Vessels 1
Capacity (1) active & (1) reserve
Dispense Type pump
Portion adjustable, 1/8 oz (3.7 mL) to 1 oz (30 mL) max
Volts 120
Watts 200
Amps 1.7
Plug NEMA 5-15
Cord 72" | 183 cm
C-UL-US Listed Y
NSF Listed Y

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