Slim Serving Station | (3) Express Pumps

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The Slim Server Express™ Triple system dispenses exclusively from (3) 96 oz (or ¾ gal) pouches with 16 mm fitments. It features surgical-quality plastic pumps that are quick to break down, dishwasher safe and achieve up to 98% evacuation. The stainless steel shroud with lid is designed for countertop use.

The Express™ pump has a special connector that pierces the pouch fitment creating a sealed system for maximum evacuation and savings. A full portion yields 1 oz (30 mL) which can be reduced in ¼ oz (7 mL) increments simply by adjusting the portion pin position on the lid lever.

Standard features include:
  • Stainless steel shroud and lid
  • Works with 96 oz (or ¾ gal) pouch, 16 mm fitment
  • Pump is constructed of surgical-quality plastic parts
  • Quick to break down and dishwasher safe
  • Pump is ADA compliant (requiring less than 5 lbs of pressure to dispense)
  • Adjusts in 1/4 oz (7 mL) increments

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