WDH10 Commercial 10-Tray Dehydrator by Waring Commercial

Sale price$1,548.05 CAD


The dehydrator is an essential piece of equipment that is constantly in use in commercial kitchens and bars. Pastry chefs use it to make various meringues, dehydrated mousse, dried herbs, dessert decorations and for manipulating the texture of fruits like strawberries and grapes. Mixologists use them to make candied, dehydrated fruits or herbs and infused powders to garnish drinks. Other popular favorites include, beef jerky and kale chips.

Dried foods can add unique flavors and textures to drinks, meals and desserts, and with the WDH10, a business can prepare its own. The 10-tray dehydrator makes delicious jerky, dried fruits, herbs, vegetables and more. Accommodates large batches without taking up much counter space. Engineered to concentrate flavor and preserve freshness, with intuitive touchscreen controls that make the dehydrating process simple.


  • Built for chefs and mixologists looking to add unique flavor and texture to food and beverages
  • Ten 15-inch by 13.5-inch stainless steel mesh racks
  • Total dehydrating surface area of 14 square feet
  • Digital LED display with capacitive touch controls
  • 5 memory stations for setting and storing unique programs
  • Adjustable temperature range: 90˚F–180˚F (32˚C–82˚C)
  • View temperature in °F or °C
  • Set timer up to 40 hours, automatic shutoff when times lapses
  • Clear-view glass door for monitoring dehydrating process
  • Rear-mounted airflow system
  • Fruit leather sheet accessory available

Electrical Power: 120V, 60Hz, 800W, 6A, NEMA 5-15P

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