WFP14SC - 3.5-Qt. Combination Bowl Cutter Mixer and Continuous-Feed with LiquiLock Seal by Waring Commercial

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Completely sealed for use with liquids—now you can use your food processor for more than dry food prep! High-impact, durable and scratch-resistant polycarbonate lets you see into the bowl. Lighter than metal, but built for tough use. Rugged, black polycarbonate hopper is scratch and break resistant. Durable see-through cover provides clear view while processing.


    Heavy-duty, stainless-steel drive shaft is built to last for professional performance.

    High-performance, 1 peak HP, commercial motor with thermal overload protection is designed for food-service batch processing. It delivers dependable, continuous-duty service.

    The 3.5-quart, clear-view, LiquiLock® sealed cutter mixer bowl processes soups, sauces, marinades and more without leaking. High-impact, unbreakable, scratch-resistant polycarbonate is lighter than metal, but built for tough use.

    Continuous-feed, polycarbonate hopper for large-volume processing, and is scratch and break resistant. The durable see-through cover provides a clear view while processing. 

    Accessory blades and discs:

    • Can be switched quickly and easily to chop, mince, liquefy, slice, shred, and purée.
    • All blades and discs lock safely inside the leakproof cutter mixer bowl for safe and easy pouring.
    • LiquiLock® Sealed Serrated S-blade (WFP14S1) – Tears through the toughest foods and chops to desired texture.
    • LiquiLock® Sealed Whipping Disc (WFP14S11) – For whipping and frothing. Great for cream, eggs, butter and more.
    • Adjustable Slicing Disc (WFP14S10) – Select from 16 different thicknesses, from 1mm to 6mm.
    • Double-Sided Shredding Disc (WFP14S12) – 2 discs in 1, shred fine textures with the 2mm side or flip it over for medium textures at 4mm.
    • Fine Grating Disc (WFP143) – 2mm (5/64”) grating for creating the finest powders.
    • Additional discs and accessories available.

    Easy ON and PULSE/OFF paddle switches. PULSE feature lets you fine-tune your food processing and helps break down heavy loads.

    Extra-large feed hopper helps you work faster. Use the small food pusher for shorter shreds and slices. The large pusher also doubles as a feed chute for the small pusher.

    Large-bowl capacities. 3.5 quarts for dry processing (3.3 liters) and 1.75 quarts for liquid processing (1.65 liters).

    Large-volume processing.

    • Kneading (pie crusts) – 320 pie crusts (8" crusts) per hour (cutter mixer bowl)
    • Kneading (bread dough) – 120 loaves (1.5 lb. loaves) per hour (cutter mixer bowl)
    • Chopping (meat) – 360 pounds per hour (cutter mixer bowl)
    • Grating (cheese) – 60 pounds per hour (continuous-feed hopper)
    • Shredding (carrots) – 430 pounds/450 quarts per hour (continuous-feed hopper)
    • Slicing (cucumbers) – 875 pounds/660 quarts per hour (continuous-feed hopper)
    • Twenty 4 oz. dietary meals per hour for hospitals and healthcare facilities (puréed)

    Safety features:

    • Thermal overload protection guards the motor from damage due to heavy-duty loads and excessive use.
    • The patented LiquiLock® Seal System lets you pour processed food from the cutter mixer bowl while keeping the blade or disc safely attached.
    • The safety interlock system does not allow the processor to operate unless all parts are securely in place.

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