WireWise 1/9-Jar Tiered Station

Sale price$359.94 CAD


The WireWise™ line of tiered stations has an attractive, wire-frame design that is lightweight yet durable and provides great space savings for crowded countertops.

At about 5" wide, this WireWise™ Station with 1/9-size jars puts ingredients for scooping in places where you need them, like the dessert station, yogurt and oatmeal bar or salad station.

Unit comes ready for scooping toppings with:

  • WireWise™ organizer, 1/9-size jar opening
  • (3) 87202 1/9-size,  41 oz jars in black
  • (3) 87253 clear hinged lids
  • (3) 85156 clear spoons, 4" handle, 1/2 oz
Need more capacity?

Increase your holding capacity with 60 oz jars for tiers two and three; available in black or orange (to indicate allergens)

  • 87203 1/9-size jar, 60 oz, black
  • 87196 1/9-size jar, 60 oz, orange
GTIN 687329035878
Dimensional Weight 13 lb | 5.9 kg
International Dim Wt 15 lb | 6.8 kg

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