Welcome to Food Business Machines! We are a family run small business based just outside of Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Enjoy free shipping* within Canada. All orders ship from Ontario, Canada. Our team of qualified food business experts are here to help you no matter what stage you're at in your food business journey, you could be established already or just starting for the first time.

Our Mission is to provide food business entrepreneurs with quality commercial food equipment, specialist knowledge, and the best practices to set-up your food business for success.

All our equipment is stored on-hand in our Ontario warehouse. We ship equipment right to your door via box or a truck (for bigger pieces). Our equipment is primarily designed to meet the North American regulatory requirements. All of our equipment is sourced from the most trusted commercial food equipment brand manufacturers in the world. 

Why We Do It

Food businesses exist everywhere in all shapes and forms, we see them all around us everyday. However, when we think about a food business, we most commonly think of restaurants.

Food businesses exist in all walks of life: schools, healthcare, government institutions, amusement parks, farmers' markets, even a hotdog stand on the street. After all, everyone's got to eat. 

Not to mention the many different types of food business concepts: general restaurants, diners, specialty restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, convenience stores, smoothie bars, food trucks, ghost-kitchens, and food stands to name a few. You could even classify a vending machine as a food business.

Commercial food equipment can be overwhelming for some people and there are usually a lot of questions involved. We provide an online marketplace that allows you to learn about food machines for your next concept. Our team consists of experts on both the equipment side of things and the food industry, to help you out if you do find yourself having questions.

We're here to serve all the hard working food business entrepreneurs and so many unique food business concepts across the globe. Thank you for making delicious food accessible and for serving your communities!

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