CAC93X - 48-oz. BPA-Free Copolyester Container Complete with Blade & Lid— MX Series

Sale price$301.00 USD


The Waring CAC93X The Raptor 48 oz. clear copolyester blender jar is for use with the Waring MX series blenders. With its stackable design, you can keep more blender jars in a smaller space where you can reach them easily! This jar comes with a lid and blade so it is ready to use almost as soon as it arrives.

Compatible with: MX1000XTS, MX1050XTX, MX1500XTX, MX1050XTS, MX1100XTS, MX1200XTS, MX1500XTS, MX1000XTX, MX1100XTX, MX1200XTX, MX1300XTX

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