CAC116 - Blending Assembly Kit - Blade Replacement Kit for CAC95

Sale price$196.00 USD


Keep your CAC95 blender jar's blades sharp and operational with the Waring CAC116 repair kit! This kit includes everything you need to ensure your blender's blades are kept in premium condition so you can continue making your signature mixed beverages throughout the day.
Compatible with: MX1000XTXP, MX1000XTS, MX1050XTX, MX1050XTXP, MX1100XTXP, MX1200XTXP, MX1300XTXP, MX1500XTX, MX1500XTXP, MX1050XTS, MX1100XTS, MX1200XTS, MX1300XTS, MX1500XTS, MX1000XTX, MX1100XTX, MX1200XTX, MX1300XTX

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