CAC119 - Retainer Ring Wrench - Spanner Wrench for CAC95 (to remove Blade Assembly from Container)

Sale price$50.00 USD


Keep your CAC95 and CAC93 blender jars and blades ready to use with the Waring CAC119 spanner wrench! This wrench is specifically designed to disassemble your CAC95 blender jar so you can perform quick maintenance when needed.
Compatible with: MX1000XTXP, MX1000XTS, MX1050XTX, MX1050XTXP, MX1100XTXP, MX1200XTXP, MX1300XTXP, MX1500XTX, MX1500XTXP, MX1050XTS, MX1100XTS, MX1200XTS, MX1300XTS, MX1500XTS, MX1000XTX, MX1100XTX, MX1200XTX, MX1300XTX

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