CAC158 - Blending Assembly Kit - Blade Assembly Kit (includes Blade and Gasket)

Sale price$141.00 USD


The Waring CAC158 blade assembly kit comes with a durable stainless steel blade and gasket: the blade is designed for heavy-duty blending, while the gasket creates a seal between ingredients and the components.
Compatible with: MX1000XTXP, MX1000XTS, MX1050XTX, MX1050XTXP, MX1100XTXP, MX1200XTXP, MX1300XTXP, MX1500XTX, MX1500XTXP, MX1050XTS, MX1100XTS, MX1200XTS, MX1300XTS, MX1500XTS, MX1000XTX, MX1100XTX, MX1200XTX, MX1300XTX

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