DIHR Optima 12 HR Plus Hood Type Upright Commercial Dishwasher

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DIHR Optima 12 HR Plus Hood Type Upright Commercial Dishwasher

The DIHR hood-type dishwashers offer a wide range of models, from the ones that can be equipped with the most advanced options, to the most innovative types, designed with avant-garde electronics and with all options included. Our products have evolved together with our experience and our customers’ hints and insights. Therefore we are able to produce tailor-made models that fulfil our final customers’ criteria of functionality, reliability and versatility. Our aim is to reduce consumptions in terms of energy, water and chemical products, therefore granting the final user global savings, but also less pollution and waste of natural resources


  • HR: Our ENERGY RECOVERY system uses the heat produced by the machine to pre-heat the incoming cold water
  • PARTIAL DRAIN and fill operation: saves you 6 kilo W of power per hour
  • ONLY requires a 50 amp breaker
  • Built-in drain pump • Double walled 304 stainless steel structure
  • 5 wash cycles
  • Self-cleaning vertical pump
  • Standard detergent and rinse-aid dispenser included
  • Double skin insulated hood
  • PLUS system provides a constant rinse temperature and pressure Break tank system prevents backflow contaminations
  • Racks included: 2 peg, 1 flat & 2 cutlery
  • User friendly multichrome START key
  • Electronic control panel with LCD screen
  • Language selection, menu display and self-diagnostic system
  • Anti-vermin bottom panel included

     28 3/8” x 29” x 82 1/2” inch - 319,6 lbs


    220-240V 3ph ~ 60Hz

    Cycles (seconds)

    1 (120) / 2 (180) / 3 (240) / 4 (300) / 5 (360)

    RACKS per Hour (water supply 131°F)

    30 / 20 / 15 / 12 / 10

    Power Required

    10750 W, 27.3 Amps


    Rinse-aid, Detergent Dispenser, Drain Pump

    plate Ø 16 1/8"
    rack 20"x20"
    gastronorm 1/1 20 7/8”x12 3/4”
    Detergent dispenser


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