Turbofan E35D6-26 - Full Size Digital / Electric Convection Oven

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Turbofan E35D6-26 - Full Size Digital / Electric Convection Oven

For speed, size and versatility the new Turbofan E35 puts you in control of high-performance oven technology for precision baking, roasting, and regeneration. It is the largest convection oven in the electric oven range.

When accuracy is crucial Turbofan’s smart vent control technology gives you the option of manual oven vent control or automatic control to open and close vents at different stages of baking. The auto vent feature removes heat and moisture from the oven cavity during the crucial last stages of baking cycles for the perfect crust on baked goods.

Offering the durability and sleek looks Turbofan is renowned for, the E35 features a safe-touch vented door and pendulum handle. Faster heat recovery and accurate baking come from the 2-speed bi-directional reversing fan and porcelain oven liner.

Standard Features: 

  • 6 full size sheet pan capacity
  • 4 1/8”/ 105mm tray spacing
  • 35 7/8” / 910mm width
  • Digital display Time and Temperature Controls
  • Large easy view ¾” / 20mm high displays
  • Electronic thermostat control
  • Electronic timer with countdown or time count modes
  • Manual mode and Program mode
  • 30 programs with 3 stage cooking and stage end alarms
  • Core Probe program cooking (optional Core Probe Kit)
  • Steam injection mode (5 levels) and manual injection
  • 2 speed bi-directional reversing fan system
  • 12kW heating (220-240V) / 10.7kW heating (208V)
  • Oven vent - Program and manual control
  • Safe-Touch vented side hinged door (standard LH hinge). Optional RH hinge (field convertible)
  • Slam-shut / Pendulum door latch
  • Porcelain enameled oven chamber
  • Plug-in continuous oven door seal
  • Dual halogen oven lamps
  • Anti-skid 2” / 50mm dia. 3” / 76mm high adjustable stainless steel feet
  • 6 oven wire racks supplied
  • 100% recyclable packaging

Sales Features: 

1. CONSTRUCTION - A full stainless steel exterior is standard on this model, as is the five-level moisture injection mode which carefully regulates moisture control when required. The safe touch vented side hinged door is available left hinged only. The new pendulum slam shut latching door handle ensures ease of use during busy periods.

2. SPEED BI-DIRECTIONAL REVERSING FAN - The high performance bi-directional reversing fan system has been improved for the E33 models with the introduction of two fan speeds. And with 5.8kW of heating power that means quality cooking capability – faster and more efficient. The two-speed fan also provides you with greater control. High speed brings the grunt for maximum heat penetration. For more delicate products, low speed supplies the grace. Bake, roast, cook or regenerate – it doesn't matter. 

MOISTURE INJECTION - With carefully regulated moisture control even the most difficult of dishes can be kept from drying out. The five-level moisture injection mode of the E33 delivers this capability time and time again, and with no drainage required installation is a breeze. Product loss from shrinkage is limited and so is unnecessary stress – you can rely on succulent results.

CORE TEMPERATURE PROBE - With the optional Core Temperature Probe fast, concise readings can be taken and faultless outcomes expected. It’s this peace of mind that can make such a difference when you’ve got more things to do than hours in the day.

3. USB PORT - Find the future with the USB - compatible one touch model – the perfect high-tech solution for menu consistency. With uploading and downloading of product menu programs, you can easily keep multiple units up to date with menu changes. A new anti-skid system via the leg ring means oven will stay in position and resist movement as well as reducing noise and vibration.

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