WSB38XBP - Battery Pack for "The Bolt" Cordless Lithium 8" Immersion Blender

Sale price$188.00 USD


Keep your Waring Bolt immersion blender up and running with the Waring WSB38XBP 10.8V battery pack. Containing a long-lasting, 10.8V lithium ion battery, this pack powers the WSB38X blender to allow for its convenient, portable design. The pack is a direct replacement to the one that comes standard with the blender, so even if the original is misplaced or damaged, you can keep using the Bolt to get the job done as efficiently as possible. It also serves as a smart back-up battery, so that when the original needs to be replaced or is charging, you have a spare to keep operations running smoothly.
Compatible with: WSB38X2

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